About us
ACES international is the parent company of the ACES group, a Austrian company.
ACES was founded 1976 by Klaus Petermann. In 2001 the company is 25 years old. ACES is the largest pubic relations network in the central and eastern European (CEEC) region.
ACES has full service offices in every major capital -- a massive communications group encompassing:
    The central and eastern European states (Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria) 
    The Baltic states (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)
    The Balkans (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, FRY Macedonia, and Bulgaria),

    The eastern European heartland ( Moldavia, Belarus, Ukraine,Russia

    Central Asia (Uzbekistan) and the now independent states of the former Soviet Union (CIS).

ACES is not only the largest, but also the longest established PR & communications network in the CEEC region.
ACES launched in Moscow in the Soviet Union as early at 1978. When in 1989 the communist governments fell, ACES was the first western public relation agency, which set up its own addresses in the CEE countries.
Among the first customers of ACES in this region were leading western companies such as United Technologies Corporation, Philip Morris, Boeing, Upjohn, Visa, Coopers & Lybrand, etc.
The crucial success factor for ACES bringing together international communication experience and nationals of the countries concerned with local expertise. This created unequalled know-how. ACES acted in each country with local teams. By internal training courses and international studies the staff achieved the practical and theoretical public relations and communications international standards and could offer these on-the-spot.
All ACES offices are networked.
This ensures that a maximum effective service for multinational PR & communication of programmes is ensured and guarantees a continuously high quality of service in each country. 
At the beginning of the new millenium ACES is been established a long time in electronic communication. Because of the geographical spread of the agency, international communication has been handled via e-mail / internet for many years. Also the individual agency offices coordinate their local media communication via the internet. Press texts and photos are passed on electronically to journalists. High speed, flexibility and quality are guaranteed thereby.
It is almost inconceivable, how much time, energy, consultation and accompanying costs were necessary in order to set an enterprise in 27 countries of the CEEC region. Further the establishment of offices in traffic-favorable areas, office equipment, qualified and reliable staff, training of these staff and in the long run the management and coordination is required to lead such a network.
Today ACES customers include a number of internationally renowned companies for whom we provide continuous care. Among these world-wide well-known companies are as, British American Tobacco, BAe system, Canon, Eutelsat, Eastman Chemicals, Kapsch, etc..
ACES is in always a step ahead.
A system has been developed which passes public relations information electronically as rapidly as possible. In central and eastern Europe this is done in the language of the respective country. This system consists of internet, e-mail, electronic fax and a well considered CEEC media DATA cousin, that is indexed according to editorial criteria, so that the information reaches the correct journalists, who also publish it.