Abbot IOANN (Ekonomtsev)

Partner : ACES Moscow - Chairman of Department for Religious Education and Catechism of the Moscow Patriarchate for all Russia. 

Member ACES Competence Center (CC- Russia): Expert for Public Affairs, Community Relations, Education, Social & Humanitarian Relations.
The CC represents a think-tank of internationally accredited professionals, fully supported by individual field experts of other ACES-Group affiliated offices. The Center's competence lays in its high potential credibility to provide cross-border, research, expertise and project development. 
His native language is Russian, he is fluent in Greek and French 

Abbot IOANN (Ekonomtsev) was born in Moscow in 1939.

He graduated from the Moscow State University, Philology Department.

Later, he was employed by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Then he worked in Greece at the Russian Embassy and at the Academy of Sciences where he paid special attention to Byzantine religious writers.

Father Ioann was invited to read lectures at the Moscow Spiritual Academy and beginning from 1983, he was an assistant to Mitropolith Alexy. He has been a deacon and priest since 1986.

At the same time he used to write articles on biblical and historical
issues in the Church periodicals.

He has been a monk since 1989 and in this capacity is working hard to revive religious life in the former Soviet Union. He is a famous poet and writer with his works extremely popular in Russia. His public activities include Rectorship of the Russian Orthodox University, Membership of the Russian Academy of Ecology, Membership of the Russian Academy of Education and Vice President of the Association of small and medium size cities of Russia.

His activities in the position of the Chairman of Department for Religious Education and Catechism of the Moscow Patriarchate are highly appreciated by Patriarch Alexy II.