ACES Moscow Public Relations Ltd
Moscow 123458, Box 82
Vice-President Abbot Joann Ekonomtsev
Senior Adviser Dmitri Tarassevitch
Languages (fluent): Russian, English, German, French, Greek, Polish, Chinese.
  • Classical public relations (see our spotlight on the Russian media here)
  • public affairs / lobbying
  • marketing communications
  • reputation management
  • image advertising
  • feasibility studies
  • economic development
  • trade & investment promotion

ACES was the first western PR agency in Russia and the CIS

ACES Group has a network of offices in Russia: 
ACES Moscow Headquarters CIS
ACES St. Petersburg
ACES Novosibirsk


The Vysoko-Petrovski Monastery. The complex of the Vysoko-Petrovski Monastery as a whole is outstanding for its architectural excellence, and is a jewel in the centre of the historic Moscow. Its cultural significance in the history of Russia derives from its close connection with the fateful events in the history of Russian homelands.



In order to streamline the so called "power vertical" President Putin initiated to unite 89 regions of Russia under auspicies of seven Federal Districts by his decree of May 13, 2000. ACES Group can assist your business throughout all Russian Federal Districts. For more information see the following document:


City and Region of Moscow - our information page shows map and coat of arms and some details about the population in the region
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