Professor DI. Dipl. Phys. DDr. Valentin N. SAPUNOV

Member ACES Competence Center (CC- Russia): Expert for Scientific Research – Organic Chemistry, Chemical Technology, Biological Questions, Physics.
The CC represents a think-tank of internationally accredited professionals, fully supported by individual field experts of other ACES-Group affiliated offices. The Center's competence lays in its high potential credibility to provide cross-border, research, expertise and project development. 
His native language is Russian, he is fluent in German and English

Valentin N. SAPUNOV was born 13. 11. 1938 in St. Petersburg. He studied chemical technology at Mendeleev's Institute in Moscow. He recieved in 1962 the diploma in chemical engineering  and became Doctor of Chemistry 1965. His career:

  • Biochemical research work in Scientific Research Institute of Organic Chemistry in Moscow 1965 - 1970. During this period studies of Physics at Lomonosov University Moscow. 
  • Diploma in Physics received 1970. 
  • Since 1970 assistant professor for Chemical technology at the Mendeleev's Institute Postgraduate Student at Technical University Vienna at 1974-1975.
  • After presentation of habitation on "Technology of Oxidation processes" in 1980 named Dean at same Institute. 
  • Since 1981 full professor for organic technology at Mendeleevs Institute (Russian Chem.-Technology. Mendeleev University).

He is: 

  • member of American Institute of Chemical Engineering, New York 1980-1990; 
  • visiting professor at Technical University Vienna, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry in 1978/78,1983, 1995/99; 
  • honorary professor at University of Merseburg, Germany, lecturing as well as training courses for students preparing for Masters Degree in 1986-1987; 
  • honorary professor at University of Russian Orthodox University in 1999. 

Scientific publications: The book „Non-formal Kinetics“ New York, Weinheim Germany, translated in Russia. Only main publications since more than 300 have been published. 

Survey of present tutoring Theory of chemical-technological Processes. Petrochemical and organic Technology. Kinetics and catalysis of chemical reactions. Metal-complexes Catalysis and their application in bio-chemical industry. Metallorganic and Bio-Inorganic Chemistry.

Survey at participation in industrial Projects: Manufacturing Process for Polypropylenoxide and Styrene. Manufacturing Process for Pyrocatechol and Hydroquinone. Modification of manufacturing process of Epoxy-vegetable oils. Modification of manufacturing process for synthetic tartaric acid. Modification of manufacturing process for synthetic vitamins K, K'…