Position: ACES Moscow, - ACES Desk CIS States: Regional Director and Managing Director. Responsibilities for ACES Group Client Relations Programs, Crisis Management,  Public Affairs, IT-specialized Writer, Telecommunication and Civil Aviation Projects, Russian Media Scene. 
His native language is Russian, he is fluent in English and Chinese.

Dmitri TARASSEVITCH has been working with ACES since 1994. He graduated from Urals Polytechnic Institute, Moscow State University, United Nations Language Training Courses, Anglo-Continental Educational Group, England, and PR Technologies Training Courses, Moscow.

The vast experience and contacts made at the time of his employment by this country Chamber of Commerce, Ministry for Foreign Trade, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ministry for Civil Aviation, Flight Safety Foundation and International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), Montreal, Canada, laid down a strong basis for his successful endeavours in the field of public relations.

Dmitri N. TARASSEVITCH is in charge of the Company overall activities and personally supervises PR services rendered to high technology clients. He pays special attention to aviation and space industry (Boeing, United Technologies Corporation, Pratt & Whitney, Federal Aviation Service, (Russian) Space Mission Control Centre, etc.) with which he enjoys long standing business connections.