Professor Dr. Gennadiy Borisovich Zdanovitch


Member ACES Competence Center (CC- Russia): Expert for Scientific Research – Archaeology and Ethnology, Specialist for Nature-, Landscape-Historic- and Archaeological heritage.

The CC represents a think-tank of internationally accredited professionals, fully supported by individual field experts of other ACES-Group affiliated offices. The Center's competence lays in its high potential credibility to provide cross-border, research, expertise and project development.


His native language is Russian


Gennadiy Borisovich Zdanovitch was born in Mahachkala (Dagestan), on 4 October 1938. Russian by nationality (historical ancestors are Byellorussian, Polish, Russian).


Childhood and youth was spent in Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan), he graduated from the secondary school and cinema technical college there. In 1965 graduated the Urals State University (Ekaterinburg), and trained as an archaeologist. He gave lectures in the North-Kazakhstan Karaganda Universities. In 1976 Defended the candidate thesis in the Institute of Archaeology of the Russian Academy of (RAS, Moscow), theme Sciences. “The Bronze age of the Northern. Kazakhstan”.


Since 1976 Zdanovitch has been the head of the department (sub-faculty) of archaeology and ethnology. At present he is professor of the Chelyabinsk State University, the director of the “Arkaim” Centre for natural, landscape, historic and archaeological heritage, the head of the Bronze Age archaeology department of the Institute of History and Archaeology of Urals department of RAS .


Since 1967 Zdanovitch has been supervising the archaeological expedition. Manor centres of activities: Urals, Kazakhstan, Western Siberia, Ukraine, Crimea.


Zdanovich is author of more than 100 scientific publications on the Bronze and Early Iron Ages of Eurasia, and of two monographs “The Bronze Age of the Ural and Kazakhstan Steppe”, Ekaterinburg, 1988; “Syntashta: the site of Arian tribes”, Chelyabinsk, 1997. He is also the organiser and the supervisor of the museum-reserve “Arkaim”. He organized a number of international conferences.