Address: ACES Tashkent - Central Asia

700029 Tashkent

Chimkentskaya str. 5/20


(Coordination Centre - Central Asia)

Executive Director: Shakhlo E. Khodjayeva
Languages (fluent): Uzbek, Russian, English



  • Classical public relations
  • public affairs / lobbying
  • marketing communications
  • product publicity
  • reputation management
  • image advertising
  • market research
  • economic development
  • trade & investment promotion


Registan (Samarkand). This ensemble of majestic, tilting medressas - a near-overload of majolica, azure mosaics and vast, well-proportioned spaces - is the centrepiece of the city, and one of the most awesome single sights in Central Asia. It was medieval Samarkand´┐Żs commercial centre and the plaza was probably a wall-to-wall bazar.

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