ACES Group Europe

ACES Headquarters: Vienna, Austria
Baltic States:

Vilnius, Lithuania;

Riga, Latvia;

Tallinn, Estonia; 

Budapest, Hungary 

Bratislava, Slovakia 

Bucharest, Romania 

Kiev, Ukraine 

Minsk, Belarus 

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Russia 

Prague, Czech Republic 

Tashkent, Uzbekistan 

Zagreb, Croatia

Additional Expert Centers:

Hannover, Germany
Istanbul, Ankara, Konya, Van, Turkey
Southlake, Texas - USA


For many corporations, doing business in central and eastern Europe is synonymous with ACES

ACES Group was founded 1976 by Klaus Petermann.

2008 the company was 32 years old. ACES-Group is the longest-established full service PR network in region, with expert centers in major capitals -- a massive marketing communications group encompassing:

  • The New European Union Members (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania)
  • The Balkans (Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina & the Republic of Macedonia)
  • The Eastern European Heartland (Moldavia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia)
  • Asia Minor (Turkey)
  • Central Asia (Uzbekistan) and the Independent States of the former Soviet Union (CIS).

Cavortex - Our Expert Center for Water and alternative Energy

  • Is an international Expert Center for Water Use, based in Vienna, Austria.
  • Stands for Water Management and Research, including concept development,
  • technical project management and engineering.
  • Promotes effective use of technologies that enable sound solutions for water management in urban environments, including optimization of sewage and water processing plants.
  • Promotes IWRM – Integrated Water Resources Management to address the interdependent – and often conflicting – needs of the different uses of water...
  • More:
ACES Group worldwide
ACES has links with affiliated consultancies throughout the world.
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ACES group offers
  • public relations services 
  • public affairs 
  • strategic communications 
  • crisis management 
  • marketing 
  • image development 

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